Article Nani Travels: Tama

Date de publication : février 2023

Auteure : Pauline Sillinger

In July 2022, we launched Tama, our very first teen-oriented program. For the 27 international and Polynesian kids involved, this one-month immersion in Moorea was a game changer. This year, we are back with a second edition and guess what ? We are looking for the next 30-or-so Tama participants !

Meaningful is what we do

At Nani Travels, we create meaningful experiences. Looking back into our own lives, we realized that some of the experiences that profoundly shaped who we are today happened during our teenage years. With that in mind, we created Tama, a one-month immersive program in Moorea. 

Tama brings together international and local Polynesian teens and provides the right environment for them to bond and open their mind to new perspectives.

The activities organized for them are truly the highlight of this program. Imagine learning about coral ecosystems during a scuba-diving sessions, going on a whale-watching tour guided by marine biologists, discovering Polynesian legends while biking through the lush valleys of Moorea, trying out ancestral beauty and health ritual while soaking in the energy of the river. That, and so much more, during one full month ! As is the case with all the other experiences we create, sustainability and Polynesian culture are at the very core of Tama.

Tama 2024 is on !

The second edition of Tama will take place in July 2024. This year, we are stepping up a little bit more with a format that allows participants to pick a topic they’d like to focus on.

The concept remains similar to Tama 2022 : about 30 international and local teens will come together for a one-month immersive experience on the beautiful island of Moorea. The activities organized for them will revolve around two topics, sustainability and Polynesian culture, and their teachers will be Polynesian figures and international experts.

While many of the activities will be shared by all the participants, they will also be able to pick one out of the three 30-hour curricula offered. 

The first curriculum focuses on learning how to use photography and videography as tools for sustainable projects. The second curriculum focuses on marine biology and the water cycle from the mountain to the ocean. The third curriculum focuses on Polynesian performance arts and how they’re linked to a holistic vision of the environment.

These three curricula are project-based, which means that the participants will work towards creating a final project showcased at the end of the program.

Save the date !


We have put together an exhibit to share the Tama experience from the perspective of those who have been a part of it. Come hear about stories told from our youth, look at the photographs taken during the immersive program, and much more. Nani Travels’s team will be available to give information about Tama 2023 and enroll future participants for the upcoming July edition. Note that local Polynesian participants will be sponsored to cover the program fees.

Come learn about Tama 2023 and, maybe even, sign yourself up for the experience of a lifetime. See you there !